Cody was 20 years old and having a bad day.  He said he wanted to be left alone and went for a walk to cope. His mother and sister followed at a distance, because it was below zero and they were concerned about him.  Cody's mother and father decided to call 911 to ask them to help keep Cody safe.  Cody was shot and killed by law enforcement.  At the hospital, a law enforcement officer told the family repeatedly that there was no body camera evidence. As soon as Cody passed away in the emergency room, his family was removed from his body and it was taken as evidence by law enforcment. Is escalation the best way to handle someone in an agitated state?


He walked away and wanted to be left alone.


This is the location where Cody was Killed.

This is the location where Cody was Killed.


Beautiful Son! A tribute to Our Son and Brother.

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